Upgrade Your Morning Commute

So, you’re committed.  You’re thinking, “I love to ride, but I don’t ride enough”.  Enter the motorcycle commuter.  You can ditch the car and ride every day, but it’s going to take a little planning.  Nothing takes the fun out of something you love more than it feeling like a chore.  So, you want to love to ride every day?  Here’s some things to consider:

  1.  Your Route–in your big steel cage, the proper way to work might the one that is fastest, straightest, and allows you to think the least.  But, you are ditching the life of drinking the bad coffee from your house and stuffing a pop tart in your mouth while you drive with your knees (we’ve seen you out there…please stop, you are frightening everyone).  That means the fastest, most boring route probably isn’t for you.  Look at a map and see where the more interesting roads are.  Or plan to make a stop on your way at someplace you usually don’t get to go.  There are probably some coffee shops or cafes (or even a dirt road) somewhere between your house and work that would make for a great start to your day.                                                     moto-commuter-gear-patrol-970
  2.  Gear–it shouldn’t take a lot of extras just to get on your bike and get to work, but a little planning goes a long way.   One of the first considerations is that most of us can’t show up to work empty handed, so you’ll need a way to carry your stuff, whether it’s a toolbox or your briefcase or just the PB&J your Mom packed you.  Depending on how much stuff you have to carry, there are tank bags, backpacks, panniers or even hard luggage that should do the trick.  Just remember that carrying your things into the office is just as important as getting them to the parking lot.
  3.  Staying Dry–if you are going for a Sunday spin or for a trail ride on the weekend, you can usually plan your trip around the rain.  Unfortunately, unless your boss is awesome, you have to be to work on time, which may mean riding in the rain.  This prospect doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it sounds if you have some good waterproof gear.  REV’IT has a lot of cool jackets and pants that are great in storms, but don’t look like you are on your way tot the track or across the tundra.

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