The Best Hunting Gear of 2017

Even the best ATV or Side-by-Side vehicle can be upgraded with a few accessories that will extend your range and make hauling your supplies even easier.  Here are our top picks for the best gear out there to make this the season that you’ll talk about for years.

Pelican Coolers


Why Pelican?  If you’ve had your eye on a Yeti or have one already, you’ll really be impressed by the newest line of Pelican coolers.  They come in a range of sizes and colors, outperform the Yeti in multiple ice tests, are bear-proof without locks, and come with a lifetime warranty (as compared to Yeti’s 5-year).  What else do you need to know?

Seizmik Armory Gun Rack and Case

For a long time, options for gun racks on ATVs and Side-by-Sides have been fairly limited.  Horizontal or vertical?  Enclosed or open?  But Seizmik has really thought through how you use your firearms in the field and how you might want to transport them.  Enter their Armory gun mounting system for a wide range of vehicles.  Each case has adjustable foam blocks to get a custom fit for your rifle or shotgun, and you can open the case on the rack for quick access or take the whole case with you for carrying longer distances.

Boss Audio Sound Tube


As custom stereos for off-road vehicles become more abundant, one simple solution continues to shine for its versatility and dependability.  The ATV85B Sound System from Boss Audio is easy to mount, can be used on front, rear, or head racks, easily connects to most audio devices via bluetooth or 3.5mm headphone jack, and blasts through engine noise and the roar of knobby tires.  Sure, it will make it a little harder to sneak up on that trophy buck, but you got to have some fun on the way, right?

Warn Winch


Hitting that sweet spot between quality and price, Warn winches continue to be the best bang for your buck to get you out of a sticky situation, or even to help get your kill on the cargo rack and home for dinner.  Features such as a fully sealed motor and drivetrain, a smooth planetary gear train, and a handlebar mounted remote control are standard on their Vantage Series and will give you the piece of mind to push further and harder.

Ogio Honcho ATV Front Soft Case


The Ogio Honcho comes in a front and rear option for your ATV racks and includes customizable dividers in the storage compartment, an insulated cup holder and tons of lashing points and loops.  The shape of the top lid along with the bungee cord system are perfectly suited for bowhunters.


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