For Your Consideration: The Triumph Tiger Explorer XrT

The large-displacement adventure bike has been a part of the motorcycle lexicon since at least 2004 when Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor made lugging a massive pig across the wilderness sexy.  While it is now more common to see silver-haired gentleman in full gear trekking to the local Starbucks than on a months-long journey to Patagonia, the popularity of these bikes has been well established.  At face value, they are go-anywhere, do-anything motorcycles designed to be as comfortable at 70mph+ on the highway as they are trudging through the sand and mud of forest roads and off-road trails.  The reality of these bikes generally proves to be a little more limiting, since no bike can be great at everything, as many long-time riders know.  Sacrifices and trade-offs must be made in designing bikes or else we could all compete with Ryan Dungey on the dirt track and pass Valentino Rossi on the outside corner on the same incredible, versatile bike.

That being said, my goal here is not to convince you that all bikes fall short of the glory of God and you should just go get a pickup truck.  To the contrary, I would like you to consider why the Explorer makes so much sense in this area.  As anyone who has ridden here knows, the roads tend to be straight and flat.


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