Get Out of Your Car and Join Us

We’ve all been there before or are there now: you get up in the morning, go through whatever ritual gets you moving, get into your car, take the same way to the office each day, spend 8 or more hours indoors, get back into the car and take the same route home, only to repeat again the next day.  Fortunately, we live in a beautiful part of the world that has so much more to offer.  There are so many great roads that take you past coastal waterways and through oak canopies, there is an abundance of forest, swamps, and farms to explore, and seemingly endless possibilities for fun on the water.  We would like to suggest that if you haven’t taken the time to get out into Savannah, coastal Georgia and South Carolina and the surrounding areas, you are truly missing out.

And so, we at Honda Yamaha Triumph Kawasaki of Savannah have created this blog that we are calling “Please Step Out of the Car”.  We are here to help to find ways to experience something better than the daily grind (we just happen to think that something with a motor helps a lot). We will also talk about events and people that we think will be of interest for anyone with a motorcycle, ATV, side by side vehicle, or watercraft (or anyone who wishes they did).   It is our hope that you will find inspiration in the stories, articles, reviews, and interviews we post here and it helps you to get out of your car and enjoy the world outdoors, whether it be on the road, the trail, or the water.  Please join us on this new journey by sending us suggestions on what to talk about next or be a part of the conversation in the comment section.

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